We really do care about your project and state of mind and it shows through our actions.​​​Divine Designs ltd.™ is very committed to giving you the best value for dollar with unsurpassed quality. We come to you, close our mouths, open our ears, and listen to your needs and desires. Then we set a follow up appointment and come back with a design that will work within the framework provided. My first time customers, becomes long term customers over and over again in choosing Divine Designsfor many of there needs. It is as we say: "We want you to be a part of the family:, so call949. 798. 9617now to set up an appointment, so you can see first handDivine Designscommitment to quality. Push the                               soDivine Designscan make them a reality.

Our Promise to You

Divine Designs ltd.™is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of customer service, so you will always think of Divine Designs for all your projects or anybody you know who is in need of expert advice. We fully understand what it is like having somebody come into your home and remodeling. Therein, we attempt to make every project run smoothly, have fun and make it as enjoyable as possible for you.



Long-term Relations



Ever watch HD tv? We understand budget constraints, but doing some things yourself to save a dollar costs more than having a professional handle it. Your project is in very good hands with Divine Designs ltd.™ and we will be more than happy to speak about cost saving measures.

The crew we have assembled at Divine Designs loves working for us, and you will love working with them. From Helping Hands and everybody working together, is what makes our planet a better place to live.

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Divine Designs ltd.™ is about being the best! We love what we do and are very passionate about "Design, Construction and Renovation, thus want to have all our customers have an exceptional remodeling experience. From the first contact, we want you to know you are hiring a Professional Team of Designers, Managers and Construction Crews. We are meticulous and have been trained extensively to deliver you the best project in both of our opinions. Therefore at Divine Designs we hope to hear from you on your first project and everyone afterwards.

From the beginning, until final payment, we feel fortunate to be a guest in your home, and as such, give the same respect in terms of personal safety, privacy and space as if you were our guests in our home.


We are up to date on current trends in the market place, which applies extensively through the course of the project. You will be able to rely upon Divine Designs to make recommendations, per the project, but always listening to your wants, needs and desires, thus giving you the final word.

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Helping Hands

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Hire a Professional

Divine Designs ltd.™ pledge is to establish long lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our design & construction team.​


                                   Divine Designs today and get to know why we are sought after. We have the tools, skills and most of all the desire to make your dreams a reality. We provide the best customer service and value honesty, integrity, quality and open lines of communication in apt you will have the best remodeling experience attainable.

Divine Designs ltd.™ Is Passionate about "Designing and Building" your project; and we Love what we do! We are highly skilled with many decades of experience. Most of all, from the beginning I always put one of my daughters or girlfriend in your home, as if it was designed and built for them. This assures it is designed for the toughest critique, is very functional, but the beauty is unsurpassed. Our values is what makes us a leader and why our customers love us, and why you will choose us!

Why You will Choose Divine Designs

We LOVE what we do!

Divine Designs ltd.™ Does believe in "Bringing Your Dreams & Visions to Fruition."© Therefore, we take all precautions, to ensure the success of all our remodeling efforts.

"Helping Hands", in building trust and a relationship to work with you to create a phenomenal space.

From the Pyramids and the Spinx eyeing the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, crowds within the Pantheon and the conjuring at the Coliseum, structures still standing. With skipping in New York and hopping around the states and landing to hear the thunder of the Pacific as you are standing on the Golden Gate upon arriving back at your favorite spot; "home," and another Divine Designs ltd.creation. I have said for decades that I am blessed with what has been bestowed upon me, per my DNA; thus from an early age and my love for architecture and creating elegant spaces within your residence or outside is as much the same as the cuisine I was known for. Divine Designs hopes to give you tranquility in the oasis of the bathrooms we created, delight your senses in the basement we finished, and add a little piece of heaven in your new addition; as you invite family over and gather in the kitchen and stand in awe for many years to come from our perfectionism and professionalism.

I want to ensure longevity of my company Divine Designs ltd. through repeat and referral business. This is achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas, including timeliness, foresight, attention to detail, having quality workmanship and service minded attitudes. Therefore being innovated through aggressive performances, yet conscientious per extreme safety measures, while being admired for our people and partnership performance.

​Divine Designs ltd. Is a leader in providing the best ROI on your project, via added construction services to our customers by creating successful relationships with them throughout the construction processes. Our pledge is to establish long lasting relationships with you our customer by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional quality by every member of our design & construction team. Call 949 798 9617 ~ 720 584 1584 or                               so Divine Designs can "Bring your dreams and visions to fruition."  Dreaming to Reality